Linda DIY is just the beginning of something much bigger!
My future goal is to build the best DIY tutorial site ever!
And maybe you are my right companion?
For now, I´m starting this blog to share my ideas, creations, crafts and make awesome tutorials for you to enjoy :)


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My story

Drew before I could walk

It all started before I turned one year old!
I could not walk yet, but I managed to keep balance when i leaned on the table.
The goal was to grab a pen and a paper and draw a face. Yes, I could actually draw faces at that age!

And so the road had begun! :)

I dedicated my self the art of using the pencil.
And became the best drawer in my class in a very early age.
I remeber my first drawing homework in first grade. We were to draw our school. I was 7 years old and I already knew how to draw perspective.
I used hours on this drawing to make it just right.
In the end I was pleased and very proud of my hard work, and looked forward to show it in class.

At school the next day I remember everyone showed ther drawings

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